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Creative Director

/ Founder


A Joint Honours degree in Performance & Film Production at Aberystwyth University and a Masters in Professional Acting at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts ensures Matthew has all the fundamentals to be a successful independent filmmaker. 

Creating his own film company Alphiago Productions in 2012, Matthew created numerous shorts where he could hone his editing skills, in particular, his VFX. Now a creative director of SquadFour Productions you will find Matthew is the brains behind the operation, both technologically savvy and a fine eye for detail, Matthew is always at the centre of our projects making sure we get the best final results.


Creative Director

/ Founder


Danny graduated from The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts with a BA Honours in Professional Acting in 2013. He then went on to work with numerous touring productions as an actor both nationally and internationally. 

Now a creative director of SquadFour Productions you will find Danny an integral part of the process both in front and behind the camera. Danny’s creative input has no boundaries at SquadFour seeing him get stuck in with the pre-production planning and stationed at the heart of the set come production day.


Creative Partner

/ Founder


Rhys has toured both nationally and internationally with many different productions, he went on to work with the BBC, ITV and independent companies for Netflix films. His love for filmmaking ignited once he started working behind the camera.

Rhys has taken a slight step back in his role at SquadFour as he pursues his career in the Police, as a Detective. Rhys is still a keen Photographer and is always ready to get involved in our big projects and will be an asset come shoot day with his knowledge of composition and lighting ensuring we have the best possible conditions for shooting. 


Creative Partner


With Performing Arts, Theatre, Film and Television Degrees, oceans of stage experience coupled with a sharp eye for detail behind the camera, and skills like sculpting and writing makes Joe a weapon of mass production. A globe of life experience and credits such as Netflix and The National Gallery of Western Australia.

Working Independently as a photographer for many years Internationally and locally, and creating his own company writing and producing short films and commercial work. The resident Squad Photographer and Creative Partner you will find Joe energising you on your headshot shoot, snapping some impeccable candid productions shots or quite likely directing our next epic film. It's safe to say, where Joe goes, quality follows. 

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