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If you are an ACTOR and you want to accelerate your career to the next level with some BESPOKE and INDUSTRY STANDARD ACTORS SHOWREELS - then look no further!


Take a sneak peak at the work we have done since starting our Actor's Showreel venture and then take a look at our competitive prices below if you like what you see!

For examples of our showreel scenes please visit our Portfolio page HERE

Here are some comments from professional actors in the industry who have used our ACTORS SHOWREEL and SHOWREEL EDIT packages.


Give your career a much needed boost. Our very affordable showreel packages allow you to create a tailored, bespoke, industry standard SHOWREEL for a fraction of the price. We are friendly, supportive and will make sure that you feel comfortable, to give your best performance.

We understand that constructing a professional actors showreel for yourself can be quite stressful in certain circumstances. Thats why here, at SquadFour Productions, we are more than happy to look at any material you already have and give honest, constructive feedback to steer you in the right direction. Wether you have a great selection of scenes to choose from or none at all, we are committed to ensuring everyone gets the bespoke personable showreel that they deserve.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email us at 


You can choose whether to provide your own scene* or we can write a custom scene to suit your casting at an additional cost of £25*. We will provide rehearsal time with the director. Shooting will range from 2- 3 hours per scene. We will then edit your scene into a basic draft and await your approval, before continuing with the finishing touches. You will be given the scene in a HD Digital Format.

*Please note all scenes must be pre-approved and be under 1 minute 30 in length. This equates to about one and a half pages of A4 paper.

*We are in partnership with a fantastic Showreel Scene writer Thalia Kent-Egan. If you choose to have a scene provided by us, Thalia will write a unique scene tailored to your strengths as an Actor.



Actors Nathan Unthank and Liamn Burke working through the scene with director Danny Childs


The Top up Package

** A single top up scene to refresh your showreel**


This package includes; 

- ONE SCENE shot and edited

- A drafted edit 

- Industry standard colour grade

- High quality final export version of your scene

Or £150 per actor


This package requires 2 actors

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The Showreel Package

** Two scenes to kickstart or renew your showreel**


This package includes; 

- TWO SCENES shot and edited

- A drafted edit of each scene

- Industry standard colour grade

- High quality final export version of your scenes

2 actors -  £250 per actor
3 actors - 1 actor gets two scenes: £250

                2 actors get 1 scene: £125 each


This package requires 2-3 actors

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Once we have constructed your scenes, add the finishing touch with professional titles to catch the viewers eye and let them know how to contact you.



We will create a comprehensive showreel that highlights all the best moments from your existing footage and material.



Our fantastic scene writing partner  will write you a showreel scene based on your casting and preferences. 



Add a piece to camera/monologue scene to your showreel. Ensure you get the spotlight from the first second of your reel.

*Please note this an add-on, if you would like to book JUST a monologue scene please get in touch for a quote*


Please feel free to contact us if you require something that doesn't quite fit the above categories. We may be able to help and will do our best to Taylor to your needs.
Email us at

**We can tailor packages to your needs. If you feel like you need something different or extra (like an extra scene for example) please get in touch with your requirements and we will quote accordingly**


'Danny and Matt made the whole process of planning and shooting my showreel really easy from start to finish. From sorting out suitable scripts with appropriate casting, to keeping in touch about costume and location, they were professional and friendly throughout. Especially loved how they worked on the day, with Matt taking DOP duties and Danny taking the time to rehearse with us as well as directing on camera. I've ended up with a fab product for a really reasonable cost. I'd love to work with them both again and would definitely recommend. Thank you!


- Nicki Davy

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