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The best place In Manchester for Industry standard, casting approved Headshots


"Best headshots 

I've ever had done"


Prices and Packages

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What to expect?

We start every package looking at current headshots and/or discussing exactly what casting and feel you should project with every shot. We concentrate on finding a versatile selection of YOU in your headshots. 

How do we capture great pictures?

We make you the subject in the picture. Breaking you from the background and finding colours that compliment your features. We use some simple but effective techniques to help you create a range of emotion and feel. Your best pictures are captured when you are confidant and relaxed therefore we make it a priority to get you there before taking the snaps.  

After the shoot.

Once your shots are taken, we painstakingly examine every shot to create a shortlist of your best which will be uploaded to our Image hosting site, which is easily assessable on any device. Including a range of emotions and outfits so you have the best choice for every casting. Once you've chosen your final shots, they will be brought into the edit suite to create a truly outstanding image that is sure to catch Casting Directors eyes. 

If you are interested in creating some eye-catching headshots please get in touch. Or follow the link on the Package you are interested in.
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