After two years experience producing industry standard showreels we are pleased to announce we are extending our creative pallet to headshots. 

Actor: Anthony Clark

Actor: Rachel Alcock

Actor: Naomi Barrowdale

What to expect?

We start every package looking at current headshots and/or discussing exactly what casting and feel you should project with every shot. We concentrate on finding a versatile selection of YOU in your headshots. 

How do we capture great pictures?

We make you the subject in the picture. Breaking you from the background and finding colors that compliment your features. We use some simple but effective techniques to help you create a range of emotion and feel. Your best pictures are captured when you are confidant and relaxed therefore we make it a priority to get you there before taking the snaps.  

Prices and Packages



3 shots color + b/w

This package requires 2 actors



5 shots color + b/w

This package requires 2 actors

Production photos

In November we worked with the cast of King John to capture some production shots to promote their week run at Aria House Academy in Manchester. After a fantastic run in Manchester, King John will be performing at Edinburgh Fringe in August 2021.

If you are interested in capturing some production shots please get in touch for a FREE personalized quote. 

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